Trip to Milwaukee
(The Route)

Departure from 's-Hertogenbosch. The plan is to take as much highways to Poland as possible, to gain time.


A50 direction Apeldoorn
A1 direction Oldenzaal (border Netherlands/Germany)

A30/A2 direction Hannover
A2/A10 direction Berlijn
A12 direction Frankfurth am Oder (border Germany/Poland)

E30 direction Poznan
E30 direction Warschau
E30 direction Brest (border Poland/Belarus)

E30 direction Minsk
E30 direction Smolensk (border Belarus/Russia)

E30/A100 direction Moskou
M7 direction Niznij Novgorod
M7 direction Kazan
Local roads to Ufa with connection to the M5
M5 direction Celjabinsk
M51 direction Omsk
M51 direction Novosibirsk
M53 direction Krasnojarsk
M53 direction Irkutsk
Along the bottom of Lake Bajkal via M55 direction Cita

Unfortunately there is no other option than to take the Trans Syberia Express just because there isn't a road to take us to the next place.

Next place: Skovorodino with a connection to the M56
M56 direction Jakutsk
M56 direction Handyga

From here there are only local roads and tracks that lead us to and through:
Magadan (last place in our Russia adventure)

Because bikes can't swim, we have to take a plane from Magadan to Anchorage. (border Russia/Alaska)

Arrival in Anchorage
Highway 1 direction Tok
Highway 2 direction Beavercreek (border Alaska/Canada)

Alaska highway direction Whitehorse
Alaska highway direction Watson Lake
Alaska highway direction Fort St. John
Highway 43 direction Edmonton
Highway 16 direction Saskatoon
Yellowhead highway direction Winnipeg
Highway 75 direction Pembina (border Canada/United States)

United States:
Highway 29 direction Fargo
Highway 94 direction Minneapolis
Highway 94 direction Madison
Highway 94 direction Milwaukee (DESTINATION!!!)

If and only if everything goes as planned, we will be at our final destination now. And when we happen to be in time, now is the time to get a beer and join the events, 'cause we deserved it !!

Seeeeeeeee ya.
Greetings Peer en Pim.