Trip to Milwaukee
(The Plan)

The plan to do this actually arose about three years ago. Ine, a friend of mine, and me (Peer) went to Finland by bike through the Baltic states and Russia. Back then we enjoyed driving through these Eastern bloc countries so incredibly much that we decided that had to be done sometime soon.

Now, three years later, we have the best reason you can imagine !!

The Harley-Davidson plant is celebrating it's 100th anniversary in 2003 and yet in 2002 we decide to go there FOR SURE! But, looking at the fact most of the enthousiasts will go there by plane, we had to come up with another plan.
Pim and Peer start talking about this journey and during these conversations about travelling to the West via the East they get so much affected with the adventure virus that the thought won't and can't get out of their heads. It has to be possible to travel via Siberia to Alaska and from there to the States, it has been done before. True enough with other vehicles but hey....

Thourough investigation in road maps and Atlasses take away the last tiny bit of doubt. There is a route that leads through big cities like Moskow, Krasnojarsk, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk and Jakutsk to Magadan. Magadan is the most Eastern city in Siberia to reach by bike. From there you can only travel by horse or donkey. From there we have to fly (unfortunately) to Anchorage (Alaska) and in Alaska the journey can be continued to reach the States via Canada.

Well.... The plans and preparations have progressed thus far, that the journey will (at life and well-being) in fact take place for sure. De planned departure date is May 30th and when everything goes as planned, we will arrive at our destination mid-August. To achieve this we have to travel through Siberia with a daily average of 200 kilometres (which doesn't seem like much but don't underestimate beautiful and desolate Siberia)

The total distance is about 18,000 kilometres.
From here to Moskow (2,600 kilometres) is reasonably predictable and we'll cover that distance in about 4 to 5 days. From Anchorage to Milwaukee is 5,500 kilometres, doable in approximately 8 days. So about 10,000 kilometres remain, through Russia, and we'll have 60 days for this. Yep, this must be possible, right!?!

What can be more beautiful, more satisfying than making the journey of a lifetime in such a way...

From 's-Hertogenbosch to Milwaukee under the motto
Bringin'our Babies Home