The Adventurers

Hey there,
For those who don't know me yet, i'll introduce myself briefly.My name is Pim, I'm 26 years old and I come from st. Oedenrode, the Netherlands. From '96, i've been I've had various jobs from being a vacuum cleaner salesman to the marketing business and decoration branche. But ever since I bought my HD, i've always been searching for a new adventure.

A cool adventure, well, untill now it's always been nothing more than a daydream. NOW the daydreaming has ended and dreams are coming true. The adventure has been found. Or is it the other way round, has adventure finally found me?!?

Last year, at the Superrally in Hofstade, I was just chattering a bit with Peter. I had heard about his plans to take his bike and head off to the U.S. by bike, and was curious about the progress he was making regarding to his plans. Instantly the enthousiasme with which Peter told his story and the progress of his plans grasped me. He already found out a great deal about the trip, and the longer I was listening to him, the more I got the idea that his plans weren't as foolish and unrealistic as had seemed untill then.

Perhaps it would have been better if I had walked away and went for another drink, 'cause before I knew, the adventure virus had already spread all around my body. From that time we kept in touch often about the progression regarding the planned trip.

Meanwhile I still hadn't recovered from the adventure virus, so I came to the conclusion that there was only ONE cure for me: oor mij maar één genezing mogelijk was: I just had to take the chance. If I'd ignore this opportunity, I would be sorry forever!! It just is something amazing, especially when U look at the goal of this journey; joining the 100th anniversary of Harley-Davidson in Milwaukee.

At the end of May all dreams will become reality, our departure will take place. We've planned everything as good as we can, but eventually it will be "in any direction the wind blows" The diary on this site is still empty and fortunately there isn't a soul on this earth who can tell us what will be written in it. For all the people at home and everyone who is interested, the diary is a nice way to keep track of us while we're gone. For me one thing is for sure: we are gonna make a "world"tour out of this....


Yo everybody,
My name is Peter (Peer) and I'm from Heeswijk-Dinther, the Netherlands. As a ardent Harley driver, not from day one true enough but certainly from the moment the government let me, I think that I can't let the opportunity to visit HD's birthtown pass. And for that, I can't think of a better opportunity than the 100th anniversary of the motorcyclefactory.

Despite of all the warnings from various willing people around me for the dangers regarding to Russia, I have made a journey through the Baltic States and Russia before. I was satisfied about that journey in such a manner, that I actually began to search for an excuse to go back again.

We had formed a selective group of three very enthousiastic people to undertake this trip. Unfortunately Ine couldn't take part because of health problems. After an ample discussion with Pim, we decided to take on this adventure just by the two of us.

During my many wanderings over the internet, different books and road maps and the correspondence with various Russian authorities and persons my desire to make this trip became stronger and stronger. However, this time the adventure will take me much further than the last time....

From the HD factories in the U.S. a so called "ride home" is organised. Harley riders are supposed to travel to Milwaukee from all quarters of the U.S.I wonder what they think when they hear about two men who really take their bikes, leave the west, and travel through the east to the west again. Well, let's wait and see what happens first..

Well prepared, with a bag of spare parts on our backs and a steel motivation we hit the road! If the environment which we'll drive through will be half as beautiful as all the information implies, then this will be "THE MOTHER OF ALL JOURNEYS" for us.

Especially a great deal of gratitude for all who have helped us as well emotional as material.