Trip to Milwaukee


August 7th 2003
P&P are staying in Strugis for a week to visit the rally. The range of their cellular is zero so they can't send anything. They wouldn't have much to tell anyway, because they will be in Sturgis until the 10th of August. From there they will go back to Canada and finish the trip following the original route.

July 28th 2003
Just a little more patience, the day after tomorrow I'll receive all the missing days for the diary from the 10th of July untill now.

July 24th 2003
Just a little note to ensure everybody that Peer and Pim are okay. Because of the fact they have no reach on their cellular phones and it is very difficult and timeconsuming to send messages via a computer or something like that (and the primary goal for P&P after all is to enjoy the absolute beauty of Alaska and Canada, especially since the weather has been pretty pleasant the last few days) the diary seems a little neglected. BUT.... I spoke to Peer this morning and he ensured me that there will be new input within a few days... so, just a little patience and you will be rewarded.

July 21st 2003
It seems to take forever for P&P to keep the diary up to date (except for the translation of previous weeks we're still busy with)... but they are still in Alaska, without reach of their cellular phone. We, at the homebase, do not hear from them everyday at this time. All I know is that they are doing well and that they have cancelled a detour via the Polar circle because of the extreme low temperatures and quickly turned their bikes into the better-weather-direction. I've updated the map, so that's something. More a.s.a.p.

July 17th 2003
Yes people, I know, sometimes it takes very very long before something new appears on the site. Until P&P reach Canada, the reach of their cellular phone is absolutely zero. So they'll let us know somethnig, anything, everytime they see an internet-pub. Surely I could have let U know something in the meantime, but Adje is pretty busy at the moment so... That's why I'm so grateful that Melissa and Cees help me out on this translation.. Thanks again!!
I'll briefly summarize what's going on at this time:

They indeed arrived at Alaska safely, together with their bikes. As soon as they arrived in Anchorage they went to a HD garage, where the bikes got their well-deserved attention and repairs. Now they're up to it, once again. Because P&P are ahead of schedule a couple of weeks, they have decided to alter their plans and travel to the US with a detour and experience the beauty of Alaska and Canada a little more intimately. From now on, U can follow their new route via the blue line on the map and the Dutch flags. Allthough their original plans didn't work out, it's still a great adventure and achievement. For the past few days, P&P have experienced all the rain we have been missing in the Netherlands for the past few weeks, so they can't travel many miles at this time...but...that doesn't matter, because they don't have such a tight schedule anymore. I know it sounds strange, but Peer told me P&P actually miss Russia. Where whole villages welcomed them in Russia, they lead a relatively invisible life in the birth-continent of Harley-Davidson. (When Peer was telling me this on the phone, a whole group of Harley's passed his phone booth, so........) Nevertheless they still enjoy every minute of their adventure and decided to accept everything faith puts them through.

To be continued a.s.a.p.

July 17th 2003
I would like to expres my absolute gratitude to Cees, who's helping me making this English version possible...for U!!

July 8 2003
Special thanks to a special friend for helping me; a big kiss to Melissa

June 26 2003
Well, I'm very busy translating the Dutch version of this site to the English version, but translating everything takes much, much more of my time than I had expected. Due to my work and study, therefore, I'm somewhat behind.. So.. If there is someone who'd like to help me out on this, I'd appreciate it very much.
Greetz, Adje

June 26 2003
I talked to Peer yesterday and it becomes clearer and clearer that the original plan will not be achievable. If the Russian Government would just have let the visa be as they were, and not without any reason had shortened them by one month, it wouldn't be a problem, but at this stage, it would be too risky to keep the original plan. How they will do it instead isn't clear yet, but you'll know as soon as possible.

June 23 2003

we're in Irkutsk now and we have to think closely about how to continue our journey to Magadan. We have to get to Magadan without question because this is the only way to Alaska. Like we've told you earlier, the visa have been shortened by one month at our arrival in Russia. This means we have to be out of the country by the first of August. Otherwise there will be problems we can't possibly solve ourselves. The roads deteriorate fast, very fast. They are fine as long as it's dry, but when it starts to rain it's hopeless. If we do choose to keep on going by bike, the risk we won;t by in Magadan on time is very big. Also, there are no possibilities for material shipments and stuff like that, so we will be dependent on many different factors. Even if we can make it halfway without any problems, there won't be enough time to go back or further to Magadan and make it on time. Another, very important factor, is the fact that our celluphones are out of range so we can't reach anyone in times of despair. There is a big hole in Peer's primary case. We'll try to seal it so we can still use the bikes, but, how helpful they try to be, the people out here just don't have the means to help us properly.
Now the most reasonable plan is to gather as much information as possible and figure out a way to continue. As soon as our phones are back in range and we can establish contact with the outside world, we'll let U know where we are, how we're doing and what we're doing..


Below, U can find the names of the places that, after the memorable departure from 's-Hertogenbosch, associate with the Dutch flags on the map. This makes it easier to track were they are and have been:

1: Spreehagen (Germany)
2: Warschau (Poland)
3: Terespol (Poland, close to the Russian border)
4: Moskou (Russia)
5: Niznye Novgorod (Russia)
6: Kazan (Russia)
7: Ufa (Russia)
8: Chelyabinsk (Russia)
9: Kurgan (Russia)
10: Tjoemcnzj (Russia)
11: Omsk (Russia)
12: Novosibirsk (Siberia)
13: Marlinsk (Siberia)
14: Krasnojarsk (Siberia)
15: Oblepicha (Siberia)
16: Niznye Udansk (Siberia)
17: Sheberta (Siberië)
18: Irkutsk (Siberia)
19: Ulan Ude (Siberia)
20: Chita (Siberia)
21: Skovorodino (Siberia)
22: Khabarovsk (Siberia)
23: Magadan (Russia)
24: Anchorage (Alaska)
25: Fairbanks (Alaska)
26: Chena Hot Springs (Alaska)
27: Valdez (Alaska, after a short detour polar circle)
28: Tok (Alaska)
29: Chicken (Alaska)
30: Dawson (Canada, via Top of the World highway)
31: Whitehorse (Canada)
32: Skagway (Alaska)
33: Watson Lake (Canada)
34: Fort Nelson (Canada)
35: Grande Prairie (Canada)
36: Jasper (Canada)
37: Calgary (Canada)
38: Dupuyer (Montana, USA)
39: Billings (Montana, USA)
40: Sturgis (South Dakota, USA)
41: Spearfish (South Dakota, USA)
42: Williston (North Dakota, USA)
43: Regina (Canada)
44: Saskatoon (Canada)
45: Foam Lake (Canada)
46: Minnedosa (Canada)
47: Winnipeg (Canada)
48: Fargo (North Dakota, USA)
49: St. Paul (Minnesota, USA)
50: Wisconsin Dells (Wisconsin, USA)
51: !! MILWAUKEE !!